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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently. Still have questions? Click here to check out the User Guide or email us at


Anyone! You, your boss, the high school football coach… it’s so simple, your grandma could even use it.

You can send a Ryng via any of the following contact methods:

  • Conference call (Scheduled/On-Demand)
  • Voice message
  • SMS/text message
  • Email

In order to send or schedule a Ryng, you must be the owner of the account or an authorized user with a valid credit card on file.

Anyone you want. Just simply add their phone number or email. To send an invitation, simply add their information to your account and we’ll do the rest!

Ryngly is a web-based application that does not require a software download for use. To send an alert or launch a call, all you need is an internet connection and a browser tab open to manage your communication needs and your contacts! Ryngly also offers a free mobile app option that is available in the iTunes and Google Play store to help you manage your communications while on-the-go. We highly recommend you get it!

Recipients of calls and alerts are also not required to download anything! Although we do highly recommend our Ryngly mobile app for easier communications. It’s free and is available in the iTunes and Google Play store.

The latest and greatest....except internet explorer...because they are not a part of the latest or the greatest.

At this time, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can have in your Ryngly account.

For sure! Add whoever you would like.

Simply use the “forgot password” link on the Ryngly login page. You will receive an email with a link to set your new password.

Ryngly does not directly sync with your Google, Outlook, or Apple Calendars. We recommend you schedule the meeting on your Google, Outlook, or Apple Calendar and invite your participants to join. In the meeting invite, let them know that when it’s time to meet, they can join by simply answering the call from Ryngly!

When Ryngly calls or sends a text to your recipients, they will see the same phone number for all communications. Under “My Account” you can view the outbound phone number. This number is called the “Outgoing Ryngly Number.”

We recommend all participants save this phone number in their phone contacts so for future calls and alerts, they can easily identify that it is Ryngly.

If you miss the call from Ryngly, no worries! Participants can rejoin the call a few different ways:
  1. They can simply call the Ryngly number back and they will instantly be connected.
  2. Ryngly will send a text message to the participant immediately with the dial-in details to join the call. Once the participants click the phone number included in the text message, they will instantly be connected.

Nope! But this is a good thing! Psychologists are finding that meeting attendees are experiencing what they call “Zoom Fatigue” from too many video calls. Instead, with Ryngly, you can sit back and not stress about getting your appearance ready for your meeting. Heck, you can even wear your pajamas if you want! We won’t tell.

Screensharing is not a currently supported feature with the Ryngly platform. However, this feature may be included in a future release.

If you do not have the Ryngly mobile app:
When it’s time to join a meeting, Ryngly will call you directly like a normal incoming phone call. You simply answer the phone to connect. You do not need an app or to be by a computer to join your meeting.
If you do have the Ryngly mobile app:
When it’s time to join a meeting, Ryngly will send you a push notification directly to your phone. Simply click the push notification and your phone will instantly start dialing you into your call. Just like that, you’ve joined your meeting! No computer needed.

We have three (3) ways you can import your contacts.
  1. If you already have your contacts information, we have a .csv template available in the Contacts tab. Click "Import Contacts" to access and download the template. Input your contacts’ information into the template and then upload by clicking “Import Contacts” and then “Import CSV Form.”
  2. If you want to add your contacts but you don’t have their contact phone number or email, you can use our Invite Link feature. Under the Contacts tab, click "Create Invitation". From there, you can create a custom link. Share this link with your contacts and when they visit that link, they can input their information for you. Once submitted, their contact information will be updated in your account.
  3. You can add contacts individually under the Contacts tab. Type in their information and add them that way. If you have their email but not their phone number, leave the phone number blank for now. Ryngly will send the contact an email asking for them to provide their phone number. Once submitted, their contact information will be updated in your account.

Instead of creating a group message, Ryngly sends your message to each individual person. There is no limit to the number of contacts you can send a text alert/message, unlike some limitations in place with group text messaging directly from your cell phone.

Ryngly text alerts are a one-way communication, meaning the recipient can’t respond. The benefit of this type of communication is that message recipients can receive the important messages you are sending without getting lost in a group message thread.

Ryngly also makes it easy to organize and manage your contacts into specific groups for when you are ready to send out important alerts/messages.

Our goal is to make Ryngly easy and simple for you to use. If you do happen to have any questions on navigating the application, we have multiple resources to help.

We recommend you check out our How-To Video Gallery here. These videos will walk you through Ryngly’s many features.

We have a User Guide available for you in your Ryngly account. You can also access the guide on our website under the Resources tab.


To send a text message or email, it costs only 2 cents per message delivered. For voice messages and conference calls, it costs 2 cents per minute per user.

We will send you an email as soon as we notice your balance gets at $10 so there's no interruptions for your next call! You can then go into your account and replenish your account balance.

It's simple! You can enter in your credit card information directly in your Ryngly account. You choose how much money you load into your account. The minimum you can upload is only $10! Once you start using Ryngly, you will be able to conveniently see your account balance right in your Ryngly dashboard in the bottom corner.

No problem! You can then take advantage of our Auto-Replenish option. You can change this in your account settings.
You can customize how Auto-Replenish works for you! Once your balance gets below a set dollar amount, it will automatically load a specified dollar amount back in to your account.

Nope! Once you upload money into your account, it's yours to use whenever. So no worries about it expiring or using it up before the month ends.

Your credit card will be charged upon initial deposit to get started, when you auto-replenish, or when you add more funds to your account.