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Ryngly: Industry Solutions


Upgrade your communications by utilizing Ryngly for conference calls and alerts. Easily send alerts or messages to get a message out quickly. Or you can gather your team or customers on a conference call in a matter of seconds. Ryngly’s outbound call feature ensures your participants can join quickly to get the conversation started.

  • Mass alert teams, customers, and vendors at affordable rates
  • Organize you contact lists for a targeted outreach
  • Easily conduct conference calls when you need to

Strategic Communications

Connect with Customers

Send messages and alerts to your customers to increase sales opportunities and engagement. Did you know text messages have a 98% open rate? Alert your customers of sales, promotions, and more.

Keep Your Team Informed

Ensure your team knows what’s going on. Whether it’s a meeting location change, a company update, or building emergency, use alerts to quickly get the word out.

Easy Conference Calls

Use Ryngly’s outbound call feature to connect teams, clients, vendors, or other custom groups by simply answering the phone. No computer or software applications needed to join.


Associate yourself with better communications. Easily and effectively communicate with members using message alerts and conference calling. Use Ryngly for board meetings, to quickly update members about the spring fundraiser, or grow engagement with event messaging.

  • Mass alert members at affordable rates
  • Organize members into groups for easy targeted outreach
  • Collaborate before or after events with Ryngly’s conference call concierge

Organize Your Outreach

Member Engagement

Keep staff and members up to date before, during, or after events. Alert them with updates, surveys, and more.

Contact Collection

Create custom invite links to share anywhere and allow contacts to self-subscribe.

Board Meetings

Ryngly connects fellow board members with a simple call. No computer or software applications needed to join.

Sports and Coaches

Our platform is a homerun when it comes to keeping teams informed. Ryngly is used to quickly alert parents of schedule changes, reach prospects for the upcoming season, and provide updates during tournaments.

  • Mass alert your players and parents at affordable rates
  • Organize teams into groups for easy targeted outreach
  • Effortlessly collect contact information for prospective players

Effective Team Communication

Alert Players & Parents

Let players and parents know about schedule changes, team events and more. Additionally, keep operations smooth and teams informed before and during a tournament.

Contact Collection

Create custom invite links to share anywhere and allow players and parents self-subscribe.

Prospect During Offseason

Reach out to prospective families or players with alerts. Update them about association benefits or tryout information.


Commit to the cause with better communications using calls and alerts that allow you to easily connect from anywhere. Ryngly users quickly update the community about fundraisers, grow advocacy messaging engagement, and connect for board meetings.

  • Mass alert members and volunteers at affordable rates
  • Organize staff, volunteers, donors, and supporters for easy targeted outreach
  • Reach goals efficiently with Ryngly’s conference call concierge

Communicate for the Cause

Event Updates

To ensure a successful event, use Ryngly to confidently alert your contacts. Ryngly helps to keep staff and members updated before, during, and after events.

Advocacy Updates

Raise awareness among members and the community. Use alerts to educate individuals about the cause.

Board Meetings

Ryngly acts as a call concierge to connect board members, volunteers, or staff members by simply answering the phone. No computer or software applications needed to join.


Schools elevate their outreach with A+ communications utilizing Ryngly. Use calls and alerts to update students and parents about school events, connect staff for meetings, and grow engagement with self-enrollment.

  • Mass alert staff, parents, and students at affordable rates
  • Organize by classroom for targeted outreach
  • Efficiently conduct staff meetings; Ryngly calls participants to join.

Send A+ Communications

Class Reminders

Effective communication will help students stay safe, organized, and successful. Keep students and parents updated about class activities, building emergencies and more.

Further Your Fundraiser

Ensure you have a successful fundraiser and use Ryngly to communicate. Reach attendees with reminders and information to promote fundraising event participation.

Staff Meetings

Use Ryngly’s call concierge to connect staff, Parent Teacher Organizations, or other custom groups by simply answering the phone. No computer or software applications needed to join.