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Use Case: SolvIT Uses Ryngly for Building Emergency

Recently, the Ryngly app came in to save the day within our parent company, SolvIT.

In the evening, beyond standard working hours, SolvIT’s CEO received an alert regarding a critical building issue that needed attention. Typically, this would require a game of phone tag, perhaps sending out a group text in hopes of a reply, or call hopping between the various facilities personnel and managers to coordinate a resolution. Well, not with Ryngly! Our CEO was able to launch the Ryngly mobile app and make an outbound call to the required personnel with a few taps. In under 30 seconds, a group of six were on the phone to resolve the matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This situation is one example of a time Ryngly efficiently aided in team communication. With our no subscription, pay-as-you-go model, having Ryngly primed for a call is simple. Ryngly has got you covered!
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