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Why use Ryngly?

Remote communication, when you need it the most, should be quick and effective. These days, hosting meetings or conversations with conferencing tools can be a hassle. First you download the application, locate How-To join the call, enter the PINs and passcodes, and maybe get it right the first time. If not, you repeat the same process until you finally join the call. At Ryngly, we understand that communication and connecting should not be this complex!

Ryngly is conference calling redefined. A new take on meetings and group conversations built on simplicity. At the core, Ryngly addresses the challenges with conference calls by quickly connecting you with others. No more dial-in details, we simply call you when it is time to meet. Join a work meeting, chat with friends and family, or connect with your team, club, and any other organization. Ryngly makes it as simple as answering the phone, and is the perfect solution for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

What are the benefits of Ryngly?

  • Did you now that on average, 15 minutes of every conference call is wasted on late joiners and participants having trouble connecting to the call? Schedule or create on-demand calls when you need them. Ryngly calls your contacts directly so your conversation can start on time, every time. That’s 15 minutes of your day you can have back!
  • Ryngly can send a text, email, or voice message all from one place. Ryngly gives you personalized tools you need to communicate.
  • Manage your group and contact lists. Quickly make edits with the click of a button. Ryngly keeps your contact and group lists as flexible as you need them without adding the hassle.
  • Gather contact information with a sharable link. We will provide a custom link to make it easier for you to collect contact information! Send an email, a text message, or share the link to your social media pages. The sharing possibilities are endless. Once the invitees enter their information, your contact list is automatically updated.
  • Account sharing and billing group management for easy tracking. Want to keep track of how much you spend for specific projects or calls? Create billing groups and tag your activity with the billing groups you create. Want to share your account with someone else? We have you covered. Simply select the contact you wish to share your account with. Once shared, your authorized contact will have access to use your account credits for their Ryngly activities.
  • Ryngly mobile available in both iOS and Android, brings all the features of Ryngly to the palm of your hand. Create your communications on any device even on the go!

We built Ryngly with versatility in mind. A tool that can be used the way you want, and the pricing was set to match. You control how much you spend, and your account credits never expire. Check out our pricing page here See More About Pricing

Ryngly is conference calling redefined. Are you ready to see for yourself? We are offering you a $10.00 credit to try it risk free!
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