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Why we created Ryngly

How did Ryngly Get Started?

SolvIT, Inc. developed Ryngly in 2017 when they started running into some communication issues. SolvIT, Inc. is a technology solutions company based in Rochester Hills, Michigan and as with every company, unfortunate things can happen. We can all agree that when emergencies arise, it’s important to quickly notify everyone and get things fixed. When issues would come up, it was very time consuming and frustrating to get ahold of everyone. Then SolvIT’s very own developers decided to take matters into their own hands and create an application to make their lives easier. And so Ryngly was developed! When technology would go down or there was another critical business matter, Ryngly would call everyone to either notify them and/or to get them all on a call within just a few moments.

Making It Available For You!

After using Ryngly, SolvIT employees then began paying more attention to how annoying it was for them to join conference calls. Whether it was with other coworkers or external customers, they kept running into the same issues:

  1. They can’t find a PIN or passcode to join the call when driving. (Seriously, don’t text and drive!)
  2. They join a call and then must sit and wait for everyone else to join. Talk about a waste of time…
  3. Then once the meeting begins, people are still joining late, and the constant interruptions are distracting (“Lauren has now joined the meeting!”)

We could go on and on but I’m sure you can relate. SolvIT then started researching into the amount of time and money wasted from inefficient conference calls. ($34 billion company dollars are lost on conference call inefficiencies a year!)

We realized that just about anyone could benefit from this tool and therefore, we decided to make it available for you to use!

Ryngly can be used by nearly anyone,

  • The large business that has multiple conference calls each day or week.
  • Schools that need to send out notifications regarding snow days, half days, emergencies, and more.
  • Associations and clubs that have periodic calls and meetings.
  • Sports teams to notify of practice or game cancellations, location changes, weather alerts, and more.
  • Sales associates that want to impress potential clients and not waste time with bridges and passcodes.
  • Facilities operations that need to alert others of emergencies such as leaks and floods.
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